attack on Kyiv

Russia fired missiles at Kyiv for the first time in more than a month, and President Vladimir Putin threatened that if western nations supplied Ukraine with longer-range missiles, he would hit new targets in the country. Ukraine officials said a counter-attack has retaken half of Sievierodonetsk, the biggest battleground inContinue Reading

Ukraine and Russia

Negotiations on a solution to the current war have been postponed, according to Russian and Ukrainian authorities, because the process has reached an impasse. He also stated that Ukraine has not responded to Russia’s draught pact. “Today the negotiation process was suspended. It was suspended because there are no significantContinue Reading

India's exports

India’s product exports increased by 24.2 percent year on year in April to $38.2 billion, the third-highest level ever, because of rising commodity prices despite the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to preliminary trade data issued by the commerce ministry on Tuesday. The previous month had seen $42.2 billion in outboundContinue Reading

Google to send air raid alerts to Android users

Google has initiated air raid alerts for Android users in Ukraine directly on their phones before expected attacks happen near them. At the request, and with the help, of the government of Ukraine, Google has started rolling out a rapid Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones in Ukraine. “This work is supplemental to the country’sContinue Reading

Ukraine says Russian

Ukraine’s border guard agency says that the Russian military has attacked the country from neighboring Belarus. The agency said that the Russian troops unleashed artillery barrage as part of an attack backed by Belarus. They said the Ukrainian border guards were firing back, adding that there was no immediate reportContinue Reading