India's ongoing power crisis

To address India’s ongoing power crisis, the Centre has invoked Section 11 of the Electricity Act, requiring all imported coal-based projects to generate power at full capacity, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Power on May 5. “All imported coal-based power plants shall operate and generate powerContinue Reading

India's exports

India’s product exports increased by 24.2 percent year on year in April to $38.2 billion, the third-highest level ever, because of rising commodity prices despite the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to preliminary trade data issued by the commerce ministry on Tuesday. The previous month had seen $42.2 billion in outboundContinue Reading

Coal crisis

Former coal secretary Anil Swarup remarked on April 30 that the coal crisis will return unless long-term solutions such as expanding Coal India’s production are found, as electricity shortages continue to plague significant portions of the country. “Coal is on fire again and will keep catching fire if long-term solutionsContinue Reading