How Covid-19 disruptions and food inflation have worsened RBI's trilemma

By Administrator_India Capital Sands One of the toughest challenges central bankers face is how to navigate the “Impossible Trinity” — maintaining monetary policy independence while allowing a steady flow of foreign capital and keeping a stable currency. Also known as the “Trilemma,” it’s the bane of emerging markets from ArgentinaContinue Reading

ICICI Bank shuts down operations in Sri Lank

By Administrator_India Capital Sands NEW DELHI: ICICI Bank on Saturday (October 25) said it has shut down operations in Sri Lanka after getting approval from the Sri Lankan monetary authority. The Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, having considered the request made by ICICI Bank, has granted approvalContinue Reading

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Bill Gates calls India 'inspiring', makes big announcement about availability of COVID-19 vaccine

By Administrator_India Capital Sands Amid the rising coronavirus COVID-19 cases across the world, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said on Monday (October 19) that COVID-19 vaccines will be available by the summer of 2021. He added that COVID-19 vaccines will be the fastest vaccine to be ever developed. Gates made theContinue Reading

By Administrator_India Capital Sands In a significant development, Johnson & Johnson on Monday (October 12) announced that it had temporarily halted the trial of its coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine after one of its participants fell ill. “We have temporarily paused further dosing in all our Covid-19 vaccine candidate clinical trials, includingContinue Reading